"Southside Let's Ride"

Our Mission

Founded by Terry Key in 2013 to create crime free communities by educating and inspiring children and parents to actively participate in creating a safe environment through biking programs. It’s founder, Terry Key, has made it the mission of the bike club to create a community of people who want to bring about positive change in all areas of their life and environment.
By refurbishing bikes and going on regular rides throughout the city children get a chance to be members of an uplifting group where each member pledges to safeguard themselves, their community, and their environment.
Using basic non-religious commonsense precepts we reach out to people of all ethnicities, faiths, orientations, and backgrounds to create a family of bike riders who make a positive change in each life we touch.

About Us

The Edgehill Bike Club is a nonprofit organization that changes lives one child at a time by combining the
refurbishing of bikes with regular bike rallies and mentoring.
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