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The Edgehill Bike Club has many ways in which you can support us, and there is always great need for the kids that we serve. Most of the kids that participate in the Edgehill Bike Club come from low income families that live at or near the poverty line, and our non-profit gives many of them a chance to escape broken homes and/or dysfunctional family lives. We provide monthly and sometimes weekly opportunities for kids to engage in wholesome activities that expose them to mentors who can inspire and encourage them to escape a life of poverty and crime to become the best version of themselves! In order to continuing hold events and maintaining a program evolving around bike repairs and bike rides we could use your support in these three ways!


Monetary Donations

Please give financially to the Edgehill Bike Club by clicking on any one of the donation routes available. You can even become a recurring monthly donor and join our page of esteemed sponsors. All donations are tax deductible, and receipts of your donations will be provided before the next tax year. Thanks!

Volunteer your time

At every one of our events we put a lot of time into setting up and taking down. We serve lunches at most of our events, repair bikes at most events, and go for bike rides as well. We are looking for helpers to do anything from setting up tents and PA systems to giving lessons and talking about bike safety. Please visit the Get Involved Page to contact us with any interest in supporting us with your time and volunteer help. 
All volunteers may be subject to a background check because our organization works with youth in our community.

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Item Donations

The items of greatest need are bike helmets, bike safety equipment, bike locks, and of course bikes themselves. We ask that your donations be lightly used or only gently damaged. We can make simple inexpensive bike repairs, but if the cost of the repair might be worth more than the bike itself, please factor that into your item donation prior to giving. Thanks!

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